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    I joined this site when it first started they took paypal for depositing and withdrawing you winnings.. It was great, I had several trasactions this way. I think its just for US and Canadian players but they stopped with the paypal methods some time ago and now you can deposit with a cc card but I have never taken my money off. I am wondering how people feel about having money sent directly to you bank account from a poker site? I have never done this, and believe that is how after being verified I would have to take my winnings off their site. I have about $500 I would like to take off but I have just left it on there because I am not comfortable giving banking details. Thoughts please?? has anybody every dealt with this site and withdrew their money? I have read many mixed reviews about this site so I am just not sure what to think.


    thanks for sharing your thoughts on global poker. i’ve only seen their ads and for me, i’m only sticking with carbon and acr. i have my money stuck with carbon and not sure if i should withdraw using bitcoin.

    from what i’ve read, it seems as though people are complaining about the play and how “rigged” global is, but doesn’t seem to be much noise on withdrawals. i wonder if you can open up a separate bank account and not use your day to day account. that way as soon as you get the deposit from global, you can immediately shut down the account. there are many online banks with actually high savings interest rates and then you can just close if you want. that $500 is wasting away just sitting there instead of using that money to make more money.

    If you do not have an ACR account, we would appreciate your support by signing up for one here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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