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    I learnt to play poker online several years ago. I only ever played live with the family at home with play chips. I went to two poker games that were fund raisers for hockey teams in my home town many, many years ago. But I played a lot of poker online threw the years/ The very first poker site I played was UB poker it quickly became my home I was playing for the UB gear back in those days and I tell you I was thrilled when I won my very first t-shirt and ball cap. I had something to show for all those invested hours. lol
    I have been lucky being from Canada that I can play on most sites and not have deposit issues. I was once very addicted to poker but its changed a lot and I found that I started playing less and less, I guess I got a little burnt out so that is one reason why I love forum games, for me its all about the banter, the friendships, the fun and mostly playing with people who try to play a decent game not just shove and pray.. I am so Looking forward to more of that with you all!!

    Thanks Nick
    See ya on the felts.


    thanks for sharing, pricey! i started off with home games in college never having it played it before, not knowing what blinds were even. i took a break from live because i was too embarrassed. i then joined pokerstars and full tilt back in the good ole poker days and absolutely killed the micro stakes. it was my bread and butter. ended up winning thousands of dollars, but sadly all that ended after black friday. i absolutely love the team game format and hoping to get that started here.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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