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    Hi, this is Nick @goaldriversv. I created this community on a whim inspired by poker org. I loved the old poker org, but for the past several years, the site was abandoned and even with the recent revival, it’s just not the same community feel.

    So here I am to try to save the day!

    Please provide feedback and suggestions as I learn more about forum management. I have created sites before, but forums are a fairly new concept. I have no idea on the bandwidth required (both personal and technical) so there might be some bumps along the way.

    I would appreciate donations to help with starting up league events and to help with site maintenance.



    Hey Nick,
    Thanks so much for creating this league, you rock! I thought I would test out your donate button and it works!
    Shopping Cart Screen


    Somebody has to put the first tip in the tip jar for people to get the idea

    Silly Picture

    Here’s to having a lot of fun in the league! See you all at the tables.

    Good luck everyone,

    EDIT: The edit function works. lol

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    Good luck to you and see you at the tables,


    thanks so much for the $10 donation, brian! know that it’ll only go back into this community.

    If you do not have an ACR account, we would appreciate your support by signing up for one here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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